At the top of Indi’s Christmas present list was a kids play kitchen. At 15 months old, Indi’s favourite thing to do is open and close the kitchen cabinets and pulling what she can out… so what better idea than to give this busy little bee her own little kitchen to destroy 😝 haha but mostly have fun with.

Months prior to Christmas I was on the hunt to find Indi the perfect one, yet I was somewhat picky as to what I wanted. I was looking for something appealing to look at, not too out there with the colours and that would still fit in nicely in our house and be quite “pretty”.

I was in love with the Bloomingville oven although it was a little out of our price range. so I thought why not create my own, as I had a pretty good idea on what I wanted and had envisioned.

Therefore with the Ikea kitchen being the best base for what I needed, I decided a hack was in order. Not to mention it was marked down from $200 to $129, bargain! With a little pinterest scrolling and inspiration I was ready to go.

As all girls need a little bit of pink in their lives I chose the perfect shade, Dulux Pink Dust.

I still loved the natural timber look so I kept the bench top and upper body this colour and also left the oven door white for a nice fresh contrast.

I made my own handles with natural round beads which I threaded with thick durable twine to replace the original handles. The beads were purchased from a local craft shop, however ebay is also a great place to find them. Just search for ‘natural round wooden beads’ and tah-dah they they will apear. I used 3 larger beads for the center, 2 medium on either side and 1 small bead so it would fit nicely in the hole so the handles remained nicely in place.

For the oven knobs I found the perfect size hooks from Hookco ( the ‘’ in natural.


For the upper body of the duktig kitchen I left the microwave white, however changed the handles to match with the lower body. To tie together the top and the bottom I painted the middle bead of the microwave handle with the Dulux Dust Pink colour (photo will be uploaded to my Instagram page next week)

The hack only took 2 days, yep thats it! I applied two coats of paint with a light sand in between. Indi absolutely loves her new kitchen and I love the way it looks in the house.

So if you’re thinking of giving it a go, do it!! It was super easy and I love how we made it our own.

Happy hacking!